Mission Statement

This blog will focus on long-form stories or posts about the autism spectrum disorder, the high functioning population, and the following:

  • focus on the actual severity of the disorder, how some of it may be synthetic
  • How the potential significance of women are creating this as “woman-made” disorder, thanks to affirmative action and union protection of the alleged “minority” in the workforce. In this type of example there are more women that have corner offices in a school districts SPED department or the local health and human services agencies and of a certain age, such as post menopausal, and the type of feelings, like a “motherly” type, since most of them adore such groups of people and of course if they could get paid to take care of these people, who wouldn’t want to?
  • How the power of Autism Speaks has effectively squelched the Internet waves against the people with autism that can speak for themselves as their propaganda machine has encourage hate speech by random people having the perception that people with autism are mute and dumb. Such negative inference is hateful and it shouldn’t be condoned upon. Autism Speaks is a haven of “mothers” writing on their blogs with their coddling of ones that can’t speak.
  • How much of the World Wide Web relevant to autism related issues is whored by liberals, over-educated “doctors”, motherly type of women, and every other discriminatory  groups against the high functioning population.
  • Also, how the government that thinks they are there to help people with disabilities aren’t going to be there to help. No, “conservatives” shouldn’t be the first in the groups that have not helped. Its actually liberals and democrats that should be put to blame as well.
  • Also to undercover how corporations aren’t always the evil, greedy and heartless companies that wants to solely “make a profit”. Ever heard of the SEIU, or whatever local affiliation is your local teachers union? Ever met a union thug? Those people are greedy, heartless sociopaths too, but you never hear that in the MSM or the Mainstream Media that is in the bed with all the unions and the far left ones too.

The mission of this blog is to properly explain such issues in an organized manner, methodical manner so one can understand immediately. There are other self advocacy organizations and publications that are clearly like an open diary, and some of them the politicians use as ammo to defund special needs services.  So instead of being “one of them”, I want to be the voice of a disorder that shouldn’t be in the same breath as ADHD, Asperger Syndrome or any other disorder that will dilute the significance (in some way) with the autism spectrum disorder.

Also a known gift with many people with ASD, this blog will be truthful, but sincere at the same time. I want to speak the truth as a minority in the way I see the truth. Meaning to what some may consider as “politically incorrect”, opinions from a “low class education” or I may post things that me be “racist” to some people or I could come off as a “jerk”. I don’t care at this point, my “voice” has been stolen for way too long and I want to fight back of what things needs to be done in America for the taxpaying citizens and most importantly the vulnerable  people who can’t help or totally help themselves.

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