About my Disorder

This page is useful to understand the background of my disorder for you to better understand me.

My mother thought I was a normal little kid. However my grandmother noticed some irregularities, my mother took me for screening done by my local district’s early educational program (which was a newly startup.) In retrospect my mother remembered I had some quirks in the first twenty weeks of my existence, therefore that I might had been born with the autism disorder.

I started that program when I was about 3 and a half

I didn’t start talking till I was 4 years old, probably nearly when I was 5.

I had delays from socializing to emotional to developmental with a such slow mindset. I had many meltdowns in between my stressors. It would make you cry.

My schedule was structured, and I now wondered why I am an early bird (even if I don’t function that well) since most of my early years of school was the morning group.

I came off as a very younger person in my early years of elementary school. I came off as a self-absorbed person, living in my own little world, not understanding there was a world around me.

Around the time I was about 7 or so, my teacher had suggested to my mother I might have Asperger Syndrome (this was in 1994, and again high functioning autism was not even the lexicon yet.)

I was labeled with a Pervasive Developmental Disorder in 1996, since autism didn’t (and doesn’t) refer to the abilities to talk.

The disorder was formally brought up to me when I was 12 in 1999. This followed the hell post being at the local middle school.

I finished high school in 2008 on my 21st birthday. After realizing that there were systemic failures in my local school district and school programs, not only was I going through that, I was also coming to the realization that my autism was real in some cases. It was after then, I started to become hopeless and the only thing going forward was working.

What are my issues in/directly from my autism disorder?

I’ve came up with a mini matrix of what I am expierencing that is blocking my life partially with my disadvantages of my autism disorder:

understanding relationships

the ability to have appropriate socialization with others.

difficulties learning (like math or very deep topics)

highly intelligent in some subjects

the ability to connect with “peers” due to my different interests

other oddities like random smirks, smiles, laughing or maybe I come off as “taking to ones self”

having repetitive thoughts, repeating the same conversation over and over during the same day or week, obsessions on various subjects and other repetitive or “broken record” like sensations.



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