Since this blog’s inception in January 2011, The Alleged/Forgotten Autistic has focused on issues that the autism elite won’t touch with a 10′ pole. The publisher of the blog has seen the ins and outs of the how the autism world is in some cases rigged, or even corrupt.

The blog covers in an enterprise journalism fashion about special education system, and how individuals (whether its isolated to a small number or a significant number) have been wrongfully treated with excessive regulations from the federal and state governments, pro discrimination of traditional autism disorder also how unionized labor has actually hurt the most helpless groups of society; and incompetent leaders have wrongfully painted a misleading picture of what autism IS and what the disorder CAN BE instead the constant, negative spin.

The writer of this blog is in his mid twenties, so most of the focus is biased to the schoolage level expirence. That doesn’t mean that things can be prevented in that same peer level if there is better leadership to avoid unnecessary issues in adulthood. Unfortunately this blogger has witnessed such political gridlock towards developmental disorders that requires the blog to act as the “equalizer” of the far left bias coming from the same “leadership” (If you want to call it that.) Using such journalism to probe, test and question the issue in a public forum is the hopes to hold the autism elite accountable and most importantly honest.

The tone of this blog is written as a “semi-anonymous”, without giving the publisher’s full identity and to protect his life’s reputation. That also means that the writer holds full accountability of the works as everything is intended to be broadcasted via the self-described “public packetwaves”. The writer also wants to remain semi-anonymous as he attempts to cover his thoughts without causing self-doubt and additional interrogation of questions in his real life.

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